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Tyne side based informational website getmemymortgage.co.uk are helping the uk with there network of specialist mortgage brokers. Their online website is full of useful information on general advice for things such as payday loan mortgages, bad credit mortgages and getting a mortgage with a ccj

Over 16% of the UK have a low credit score and the number of people struggling with debt is rising year on year. The global pandemic has not helped the situation with more people on furlough or redundant it can be a tough time to get a mortgage

Having bad credit can be harrowing and if you are stuggling there are companies out their that can help you such as https://www.stepchange.org/ .

While many are struggling with bad credit there are also lots of people that have come out of a previous debt issue that are looking to get onto the property ladder. The issue with this is due to lenders criteria it can be hard to get approved for a mortgage. Get me my mortgage was set up to help people that are in less than traditional circumstances get the right mortgage advice that could help them to get their dream home.

A Spokesperson from Get Me My Mortgage ‘ its not only those with bad credit that can struggle to get a mortgage if you are self employed it can also be difficult to secure a mortgage through a high street lender. The main goal of our company is to give people the right information and specialist knowledge to help them get the mortgage they need without paying ridiculously high broker fees.

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